Where is the new iMac 2017 – An imaginary Review

It’s been a long time since Apple have updated or even refreshed the iMac Range of desktop computers.

It has been widely rumoured that we would see a new release in Q1 of 2017, but now that has slipped by it looks like there is going to be a delay on the new model.

It’s anyones guess as to when it will arrive but all indicators point towards a June 2017 release to coincide with the W3C Developers conference.

In terms of features and specifications, it is quite likely that the new iMacs will include the latest Kaby Lake Intel 7th Gen Processors, faster SSD storage and Ram and possibly some upgrade to the size or resolution of the monitors.

Apple are also going to need to expand on their touch bar concept recently introduced in the MacBook Pro and as such we could see some kind of touch bar keyboard included with the new iMacs.

All this is merely speculation at this stage, but if you have heard any rumours about possible feature and specification improvements, leave your comments in the comments box below….


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