New Macbook Pro 2017 Announced at WWDC

As anticipated in an earlier video, the new 2017 Macbook Pro has been announced at the Apple WWDC. The new Macbook Pro lineup feature the latest intel 7th generation Kaby Lake processors that go up to 3.1 GHZ and the top of the line model can turbo boost to 4.1 GHz.

SSD write speeds have also been increased to 3.2GB/S( correction in the video I say 3.5GB/s but it is actually only 3.2GB/S) and if you are looking at the top of the line 15 inch model you’ll get access to the new Radeon 560 4GB Video Card. There were no significant changes to the industrial design, ports and screen. All of the updates were internal performance related improvements that make it a very compelling purchase if you are looking for a mobile graphics, video or audio laptop.

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