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Get Paid for your Social Media Contributions

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid for the content you produce. Well I am about to introduce you to a new social network called Steem IT which does just that.

I have had many conversations with fellow creative professionals about both the merits and failings of social media. Certainly if you have any k ind of business or brand offering you know how important it is to promote your work but the pay off isn’t always there.

That’s because social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc all operate on a similar business model. They aim to get you to provide free content and then monetise over the top of that with ads.

Steem works a little differently to this. It uses a system that is built with the blockchain technology that you may have all heard about in the media lately.  Not Bitcoin but an alt coin called Steam which issue tokens to uses of the social network.

Its very new, currently in beta stage. So things are a little bit cluncky at the moment. When you sign up you have to with 2-5 days to get back your verification email that ultimately lets you start creating content to the platform. Adding your profile image and bg image are done by typing in urls to existing images you may have hosted on another site.

Once you set up your profile though it all starts to look pretty familiar from there. There is a blog section that works like any other blog or social media feed. Simply add a title, write your article and upload images or video links and your done.

Soon Content creators can take advantage of the Steem Smart Media Tokens which essentially lets you add the Steam voting/reward mechanism to your own blog hosted by third party platforms such as wordpress! If your interested in this I’ll leave a link to the white paper in the comments box below.

So, in summary, if you are a content creator, be it a writer, blogger, video producer, musician, photographer or involved in any kind of web marketing and social media promotion, check out STEEM IT. Its nice to see a social media network built on future technology of the blockchain and embracing ideals of fairness and equality via a peer to peer payment system that aims to give back to the creators and curators.

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