Audulus Synthesiser App for iOS

If you told me five years ago that you could be building your own instruments including synthesisers, basses and drum machines on an iPad I would not have believed it.

Well now you can do just that with the new Auduls 3 modular Synthesizer.

The UI is very straight forward and has been translated well for mobile touch screen making it very usable indeed. A simple pinch will zoom out to expand your canvas, while pulling your fingers apart zooms back in to see each building block in more detail as well as giving you access to tweak controllers.

Audulus 3 is not for the faint hearted but more suited towards professional sound designers, composers, DJ’s or experienced musicians looking to delve deep into the core of sound creation. And for these adventurous souls the payoff will be immense, resulting in the genesis of truly unique soundscapes.

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